Bore & Trenching Services in Nebraska

trenchingHandling all underground utilities—including gas, water, electric and telecommunications—CenCon, LLC delivers precision drilling services to customers across a wide range of industries, for projects of all sizes and scopes. We’re especially equipped for fiber installations and work with telecom customers to provide expert insight into fiber optic installation and repair.

When you need a boring and trenching contractor in Nebraska who can do it all, make sure you’re working with us. We have experience providing:

  • Utility contracting:
    We work with municipal and private sector clients alike, providing oversight to utility installation projects in a wide variety of environments.
  • Utility services:
    Our team can provide boring and trenching services down to specific utility depths, enabling technicians when it comes to repairs and servicing of installed lines. This includes telecommunications lines.
  • Utility placing:
    We’re skilled in underground placement for telecommunications, electrical and gas utilities. Our contractors have intimate familiarity with fiber optic installations, making us the first call when it comes to your telecomm utility placement.
  • Plowing:
    When your installation project calls for plowing, trust us with confidence. We offer plowing for utility placement, with a plow train that can place single and multiple conduits/cables up to a depth of 5 feet.
  • Potholing:
    Using vac systems to locate existing utilities, we’re able to minimize any damages when excavating. We offer a smarter, easier way to drill around preexisting obstacles.
  • Bore & trenching:
    Our abilities include both boring and trenching options, to best fit the needs of your utility installation. Count on us for an experienced trenching and boring contractor in Nebraska.
  • Directional drilling:
    Our company is fully equipped to offer directional drilling up to 24″ in diameter, enabling us to service the needs of virtually any jobsite, no matter its features. Call us when you want a directional drilling contractor in Nebraska who can work quickly, while keeping costs low.

If your project requires utility installation, enlist CenCon, LLC to assist you. With abilities that range across all utilities and a breadth of experience that stretches back to 1979, we’ll get the job done right. Contract our services today by calling 308-635-7414.