Residential Utility Contractor

residential housesWhether for a new residential construction development or updates to an existing property, CenCon, LLC works with private sector contractors to place and repair existing utility lines. As an experienced residential utility contractor in Scottsbluff County, NE, we have the skills to assist electricians, plumbers and telecommunications companies, installing electrical, plumbing and data lines.

When working on any residential property, we maintain complete awareness of our surroundings and always make it a point to keep the jobsite clean and organized. Our underground utility contractors can work in tandem with developers and private sector contractors to determine the best approach for utility installation, proving ourselves an invaluable resource when the time comes to start digging.

  • Electrical:
    Our ability to work with electricians performing major installations or updates to a residential property makes us an asset when the time comes for utility installation. We also understand the value of working quickly and with precision, making us your go-to residential utility contractor in Scottsbluff County, NE.
  • Plumbing:
    We have a strong reputation when working with plumbers and can coordinate the trenching and installation of water lines on a residential property. As an underground utility contractor in Scottsbluff County, NE, our abilities include potholing, for when traditional excavation at the footing of a home isn’t possible. Please note that we do not perform sewer line installations of any type.
  • Data:
    Through directional drilling capabilities, we’re able to assist in virtually any residential telecom utility installation. We’re well-versed in both coax and fiber telecommunications systems, working to lay these fundamental utilities with precision. We can even perform splicing for copper, coax and fiber telecommunications. This includes testing, OTDR readings, and hot fiber splices.

For residential utility installation services that encompass the unique and specific needs of your jobsite or project, contact CenCon, LLC today at 308-635-7414. We’ll be happy to consult with you on the scope of your project and provide whatever valuable oversight we can to facilitate a successful utility installation or repair.